"Maybe your army comes and maybe it’s too much for us but it’s all on you. Because if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it." - Tony Stark, The Avengers

And a *Bonus* (in keeping with Marvel tradition) -

Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do - they took long enough to make. But they’re finally finished - hey, let’s celebrate with some sleep! Good evening, all. :)


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curves on women are great, but curves on final exams are really what get me going

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7th Heaven marijuana scene with Inception music

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I am not a place for cowards.

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The tea has been spilled and it’s scalding

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Title: What Would You Do? Artist: Bastille 14,175 plays


Bastille - What Would You Do? (Originally by City High)

Boys and girls, wanna hear a true story?
Saturday night was at this real wild party
There was liquor overflowin’ the cup,
About 5 or 6 strippers trying to work for a buck.
So I took one girl outside with me,
Her name was Londy, she went to Junior High with me,
I said, “Why you up in there dancing for cash?
I guess a whole lot’s changed since I seen you last.”
She said…

"What would you do if your son was at home
Crying all alone
On the bedroom floor,
Cause he’s hungry and the only way to feed him is to
Sleep with a man for a little bit of money?
And his daddy’s gone in and out of lock down,
I ain’t got a job now,
He’s just smokin’ rock now,
So for you this is just a good time
But for me this is what I call life”

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“This has been a test of our emergency preparedness! There is no fire, it was only a simulation!”

best. cold open. ever. 

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Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t anymore.

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I tried to find the words that could explain this feeling. They don’t seem to exist. The best description I can come up with is the feeling you get when your heart drops coupled with getting punched in the stomach repeatedly.




234 Nigerian girls were girls were kidnapped by an extremist group called the boko haram this month. Few have escaped, the majority has not. Please spread to word to create an international outcry because our government isn’t doing enough.


Signal boost.

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